Carbon Fiber Products

Quality Carbon Fiber Products at Affordable Prices 

ZhongAo Carbon can manufacture a variety of custom carbon fiber material and products that are both affordable and that will meet your most stringent quality requirements. 

Carbon fiber fabric is used in a number of industries because of its lightweight and durable properties. Our company is strict about ensuring our carbon fiber fabric is produced in strongly controlled conditions that include extensive testing and documentation, to ensure that the fabric is of the best quality.  

At Zhongao Carbon we provide nothing but the best material for all our products. Our aramid fiber fabric is known for its unique characteristics, which includes its high strength and low weight features. Our company provides both twill and plain weave patterns that can be produced in various width, thickness, and weight. 

Our carbon fiber KEVLAR hybrid mix offers high strength, low weight, desired stiffness and thermal stability. Used in a number of applications, our Carbon Kevlar Hybrid mix is known for its strength and durability. Our company can meet all of your specifications and requirements to ensure that you have the finest carbon fiber experience. 

Our Company is capable of producing reinforced custom fiber plates and sheets to match any shape, size, and thickness you are looking for. Both known for their high strength and durability, our sheets and plates are made with the best Japanese carbon fiber to ensure you receive the best quality.

 Carbon fiber reinforced polymer is known primarily throughout the construction industry. Its characteristic make it a primary alternative to steel reinforcement, making it perfect for creating large structures. Its key use today is to enhance the serviceability and ultimate strength of steel beams.  

Our mission is to help our customers accomplish their project goals by providing the highest quality carbon fiber tubing along with the most helpful service possible. Due to our vast experience in carbon fiber tubing, we are able to fully customize our tubes to fit any size or layup necessary to meet your function and project needs. 

Zhongao carbon delivers the best quality prepregs to provide you with improved cosmetics, efficiency, and cure time. Our prepregs maximized strength to weight ration make it ideal for the sports goods, automobile, and industrial industry. Zhongao Carbon has developed advanced ways to produce and customize lighter, stronger, and overall better quality prepregs for our customers.