Carbon fiber is widely used in the construction industry because of its impressive strength. Its ability to strengthen and reinforce concrete make it ideal for building large structures. Zhongao Carbon has worked closely with the construction industry ever since we opened our doors in 2011.

Carbon fiber can be found in a number of recreational and sports equipment aoolications including golf clubs, snowboards, lacrosse sticks, and more. Its durable and lightweight qualities make it ideal for providing long lasting equipment and high end performance gear.

The automotive industry has been utilizing composite material for many years. It is most commonly used to dress up the interior and exterior of many cars. Its amazing characteristics are also allowing manufacturers to build lighter cars with the same strength as metals, which is improving energy efficiency in transportation. 

As more and more industries realize the value of strong, lightweight carbon fiber products, they are replacing traditional materials, including metals and plastics with higher performance carbon fiber. Common applications include industrial industries, defense and safety, aerospace, engineering, music and electronics, medical, just to name a few.